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Do spiders have a favorite color? Have you ever wondered what color spiders truly hate? Spiders may seem like they have a neutral attitude towards colors, but research suggests there is actually a color spiders have a strong aversion to. By delving into the science, you can discover what color spiders truly hate – and why.

Types of Spiders

Types Of Spiders

Family Common Name
Araneidae Orb-Weaver
Salticidae Jumping Spider
Tetragnathidae Long-Jawed Orb-Weaver
Theridiidae Comb-footed Spider
Theraphosidae Tarantula
Agelenidae Funnel-weaver
Lycosidae Wolf Spider

Spiders belong to the taxonomic order Araneae and are further divided into 109 families. The most common spiders in the United States include the Orb-Weaver, Jumping Spider, Long-Jawed Orb-Weaver, Comb-footed Spider, Tarantula, Funnel-weaver, and Wolf Spider. All of these spiders have eight legs, two body parts, and chelicera (mouth parts).

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders

  • Wolf spiders are generally brown or grey in color.
  • They have a distinct pattern of stripes and spots on their back.
  • One of their distinct features is the presence of long hairs on their legs.
  • They have excellent eyesight and can detect movement from a distance.
  • They are quite fast runners and are capable of chasing their prey.
  • Wolf spiders don’t like bright lights and prefer to stay in dark, damp places.
  • They hate dark colors such as black, navy blue, or dark green.

Jumping Spiders

Jumping Spiders

  • Jumping spiders have strong eyesight and can see in color.
  • They tend to dislike bright colors such as red, yellow, and white.
  • These spiders are more attracted to darker colors like green, blue, and black.
  • Some jumping spiders may be scared off by intense light.
  • Jumping spiders are known to be active during the day.

Fishing Spiders

Fishing Spiders
Fishing Spiders have a unique ability to detect ripples in the water, allowing them to capture their prey. Generally, Fishing Spiders are brown and gray, but they may also have yellow, orange, and white markings. This coloration can make them difficult to spot in their natural environment, which is why they are rarely seen by humans. As a result, it is difficult to say which colors these spiders prefer or dislike. However, Fishing Spiders are sensitive to bright colors and lights. They will usually retreat or become motionless when exposed to these, indicating that they do not like them.

Colors Spiders Attract to

Colors Spiders Attract To

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple

Spiders are attracted to bright contrasting colors such as white, yellow, orange, blue, green, and purple.



Spider Hate Yellow?
House Spider No
Wolf Spider No
Jumping Spider No
Garden Spider No

Spiders do not hate yellow. In fact, they do not seem to care much about any color. Spiders are attracted to vibrations, not colors. Some species of spiders may be drawn to certain colors, such as white, but it is not because they hate other colors.



Characteristics Effect on Spiders
Bright Generally disliked by spiders
Highly reflective Sends out strong light signals, irritating to spiders

White is a bright, highly reflective color that is generally disliked by spiders. Its bright light signals can be irritating to these creatures, since they have very sensitive eyes. The high reflectivity of white can also blind spiders, making them feel vulnerable and unsafe.


Studies have suggested that spiders have a strong aversion to the color orange. As such, they tend to avoid areas that are painted or decorated in this color. One study found that spiders were more than twice as likely to avoid an orange surface than a surface of any other color. They tend to stay away from orange surfaces even if there are other food sources nearby. This suggests that spiders have a strong instinctive fear of the color orange.

Colors Spiders Repel From

Colors Spiders Repel From

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue

Spiders tend to stay away from colors that are bright, bold, and vibrant. White, yellow, orange, green, and blue are colors spiders are known to be repelled by. These colors are thought to be intimidating and overwhelming to spiders, causing them to stay away.



Characteristic Reaction of Spiders
Visible Light Spiders avoid blue light
Ultraviolet Light Spiders are attracted to blue ultraviolet light
Colored Objects Spiders tend to avoid blue objects

Generally, spiders are not particularly fond of the color blue. In visible light, they avoid blue light, while in ultraviolet light they are attracted to blue light. When it comes to colored objects, spiders tend to avoid blue ones.



Color Spiders
Green Spiders have a strong aversion to green, as most of their predators are green.

Green is one of the colors that spiders dislike. They have a strong aversion to green, as most of their predators are green. Therefore, spiders tend to stay away from anything green in color.



  • Dark and somber color, with a strong contrast to light colors.
  • Can be used to ward off spiders due to its association with death.
  • Most spiders have a natural aversion to black due to its association with darkness.
  • Creating a physical barrier with black items such as tape, cloth, or fabric can help to repel spiders.
  • It is also thought that spiders may avoid black due to the color’s association with death and funeral rites.

What Color Do Spiders Hate the Most?

What Color Do Spiders Hate The Most?

Spiders are averse to certain colors, with blue, yellow and green being the most disliked. This is because these colors are the most commonly used in insect predators, such as dragonflies and damselflies, which spiders hate. In addition, spiders dislike bright colors because they can be seen easily and make them vulnerable to potential predators.

It is also believed that spiders are repelled by the color black. Black is a color associated with darkness. Spiders generally prefer dark places in which to hide, so they may be less likely to choose a black surface.

However, not all spiders hate the same colors. For example, some species of spiders are attracted to the color red and will often build webs in red-colored areas. Other spiders may be attracted to the color yellow. While spiders may not like certain colors, they will still build webs in areas with these colors.

Finally, spiders may also be averse to certain shades of white. This is because white may be too reflective and make the spider more visible to predators.

In conclusion, it is difficult to definitively say which color spiders hate the most. However, the colors blue, yellow, green, black, and white are the colors spiders are most likely to avoid.



  • Red is a highly visible, attention-grabbing color.
  • It has been observed that spiders tend to avoid red.
  • Red is one of the few colors that spiders have been proven to not like.
  • Red is the color of danger and alarm in the spider world.
  • Most spiders will stay far away from anything that is red.



Properties Reaction of Spiders
Visible Light Spiders can see purple light and it may be a repellant to them.
Ultraviolet Light Purple color reflects ultraviolet light and spiders may be unable to see it.
Taste Purple color may be bitter or sour in taste and spiders may not like it.

Spiders are repelled by purple color due to its properties. It is a visible light color, reflects ultraviolet light, and may have a bitter or sour taste.


Brown spiders have a natural aversion to dark, earthy tones. This is because brown is the color of soil, wood, and other natural materials. As such, spiders find it difficult to hide in these environments. In addition, the brown color makes it harder for spiders to blend in and hide from their predators. Therefore, they tend to avoid these environments and opt for lighter, more camouflaged colors.

Possible Reasons Why Spiders Dislike Certain Colors

Spiders may be able to perceive certain colors, and as a result, may dislike certain colors. One possible reason is that spiders may be repelled by certain colors because they may be a sign of danger. For example, bright colors in the environment may be a warning to spiders that a predator is nearby. Another possible reason is that certain colors may be associated with a spider’s prey. For example, if a spider’s prey is green, the spider may be repelled by the color green. Finally, spiders may be repelled by certain colors because they may be unfamiliar and, therefore, a potential threat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color attracts spiders?

Brightly colored lights and objects attract spiders, as they are drawn to the UV light. Bright objects, such as white sheets or clothing, can also draw them in. They also have an affinity for yellow and blue shades.

What Color Repels Spiders?

Spiders generally dislike bright colors such as yellow, white, and blue. They are less likely to enter homes that are painted in these colors, as they are more visible and therefore more easily avoided. Additionally, spiders are repelled by strong smells such as peppermint, citrus, and lavender.

What color do spiders hate the most?

Spiders are not known to be particularly fond of any color, as their vision is not advanced enough to differentiate colors. However, research suggests that spiders may be repelled by bright colors, such as yellow, orange, and green. Additionally, some research has indicated that spiders may be more likely to avoid white and light blue colors.

What color do spiders hate?

Spiders generally dislike bright-colored objects and may avoid them due to a fear of predation. The most common colors spiders appear to dislike are white, yellow, and green. Spiders also have difficulty distinguishing between blue and purple, so they often avoid these colors as well. Additionally, spiders may be attracted to dark-colored objects, such as black and brown, due to their ability to absorb more heat.

Are there any particular colors that spiders are drawn to?

Spiders generally do not have a specific color preference when it comes to objects. However, some spiders can be attracted to certain colors, such as white, yellow and green. This is because these colors tend to stand out against their surroundings and appear as potential prey. Additionally, some spiders may be attracted to ultraviolet light, which some of these colors are known to emit.


Spiders are repelled by smells, vibrations and even certain colors. However, the scientific evidence suggests that, despite the popular belief, there is no particular color that spiders truly hate. While the color blue may be more unappealing to spiders than other colors, other factors such as smell and vibration are more influential in determining a spider’s behavior.

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